THC-O Hemp Flower (3.5g)


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These are premium strains of THC-O Flower (also known as THC-O Acetate flower). These are great legal options of flower for those looking for potent & pleasant effects.

THC-O Flower Strain Options:

Sour Lifter THC-O- The ideal daytime strain of Delta 8 flower! This Sativa-dominant strain has delicious notes of diesel mixed with fresh fruit like citrus and berries. Sweet, sour, and superb effects- Sour Lifter is an easy favorite of many.


CBG THC-O- A strain for all seasons! CBG- one of the most beneficial cannabinoids + Delta 8 THC- federally legal and psychoactive = a strain that’ll make you feel great in both body and spirit.


This is the 3.5g size option of THC-O Hemp Flower. THC-O flower is hemp flower infused with potent THC-O.

Find the 7g size of THC-O Hemp Flower here!

Hemp Flower is the natural, raw version of hemp. These buds were harvested for their premium quality and infused with THC-O for ideal effects.

What is THC-O?

THC-O-Acetate, aka ATHC and THC Acetate. This cannabidiol is not the same as THCA or THCa. THC-O is made through a specific and challenging process.

The end result of this, is a stronger and more potent cannabinoid. Quite possibly the strongest cannabinoid that we offer. That’s why we recommend this to users looking to enjoy a more powerful high than typical. Be careful, though! Start slow & work your way up to ideal effects because this will help you avoid overdoing it. Different cannabinoids will impact the body differently. Having a tolerance for one cannabinoid will not necessarily impact other cannabinoids.

Which strain of THC-O Acetate flower will you try, Sour Lifter or CBG? All Grassroots Harvest products are premium quality & they also undergo third-party lab tests.

Looking for ‘THC-0’ flower? It’s spelled with the letter ‘o’, not the number zero!

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CBG, Sour Lifter


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